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Get your business on the same page with where you’re going and how you will get there through building out and implementing a Strategic Plan.

Begin to clarify your vision by reviewing why your organization exits, identify what you are great at & should focus on to grow, establish where you are going & where you are today


  • Why

  • What

  • Where

  • Today


  • Key Conditions / Barriers

  • Strategies

  • Annual Plan

  • Quarterly Plan


  • Review / Learn

  • Refocus

  • Quarterly Plan

  • Resolve & Improve

Determine what needs to be in place and overcome to help you reach your One Big Goal; then identify strategies, goals, and metrics to get you there.

Get continued Quarterly support by reviewing the progress you have made, refocusing on your Strategic Plan, setting a new Quarterly Plan, and resolving the most pressing topics that may disrupt your progress while making improvements to your business.

What Clients Are Saying

 "Scott helped me get out of feeling like I was stuck in the mud!  When problems arise, we now know how to manage & resolve them from becoming bigger issues.  He helped me get better focus and greater clarity around ownership and direction of my practice."


- Dr. Jacob Ihle, Owner, Otter Tail Dental

Dr. Jacob Ihle
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