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You need a simple framework to run your business that gets you what you want

Working together will get your company better at Executing towards your Vision with a shared Plan to get there

Pinnacle Coaching Model

Pinnacle Model
The model focuses on growing 5 key areas that will get you and your leadership team in more control of your business.

Vision - Clarify where you are taking your business 
Plan - Layout the Strategies & Goals that will get you where you want to go
Execute - Get the right stuff done each day the right way 

Measure - Measure what matters and make decisions with this data to move your business forward
People - Get the right people and the right structure in place to get where you want to go

This framework will get you better at Executing and clarify your Vision with a Plan to get there


Follow these simple steps to get your company from where you are today to where you want to be.

Pinnacle Coaching Process


Teach your leadership team tools to clarify who is responsible for what, drive accountability, get better focus with goals, improve communication, resolve issues, and track critical numbers


Begin to clarify your vision by establishing why you exist, who you are, what you do and where you are going


Get a plan in place with how you will achieve your vision by clarifying your Marketing Strategy, Annual Plan and Quarterly Plan


Every quarter we get together to review the progress you have made, refocus on your Strategic Plan, set a new Quarterly Plan, and resolve key issues that may disrupt your progress while making improvements to your business


Review performance from the past year and establish the next year’s Strategies and Goals with a clear plan in place to get you there

What can this do for you & your company?

  • Put you in more control

  • Create clarity in every aspect of your business

  • Get everyone focused & on the same page

  • Break through the ceiling and get you to the next level of growth

What Clients Are Saying

 "I have always had lots of ideas of where I wanted to take BrandHoot, but wasn't able to clarify that vision until working with Scott.  He uses a simple approach to breaking down our business that has allowed us to define where we want to go with a plan to get there.  This has put us in a stronger position to get what we want from BrandHoot."


- Nate Nordstrom, CEO BrandHoot

Pinnacle Testimonial
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