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 Scott Gullickson Pinnacle Coaching

Pinnacle Business Coaching

Meet Scott:

I help get entrepreneurs more of what they want from their business by implementing a framework that gives them more control, and I LOVE what I do!


My passion is to make a positive impact and improve entrepreneur's lives so they can get more of what they want.  I do this through implementing and coaching a framework to run your small businesses.  I get to provide clarity for where entrepreneurs are taking their business, implement a plan to get there that drives focus and ownership, while using simple tools and processes. The framework is sustainable, so the companies I work with are not dependent on me once they're up and running.  

 I am a strong believer in growth and learning.  The more I grow and know, the more of a positive impact I can make on others.


 My wife, Alyssa, and I are high school sweethearts and have been married 12 years.  We were blessed with miracle twins who are 8 years old and are our everything, from most important thing in our life down to the reason we have plenty of extra wrinkles.  I love hunting with my family,  spending time skiing in the mountains, exercising, reading business books, golfing (still a hack), making people laugh and making memories with my family.


  • Give before receiving

  • Then, give some more


  • Focus on what adds value

  • Less is more


  • Teach simple tools that can add value right away

  • Provide sustainable solutions


  • Life is too short, smile

  • Don't take yourself too serious

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