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Unlock the full potential of your team with transformative facilitation that sparks collaboration, innovation, and remarkable results.

Be fully present and participate in your most important meetings of the year vs. trying to facilitate and participate.

Reasons for Facilitation

  • Enhance Collaboration

  • Effective Decision-Making

  • Improved Communication

  • Effective Conflict Resolution

  • Increased Efficiency

  • Enhanced Problem-Solving

  • Engaged Participation

  • Clarified Goals and Objectives

  • Continued Growth and Development

When ANYONE inside an organization is facilitating a meeting / workshop / retreat... it is nearly impossible for them to NOT BE BIASED. Whether they mean to or not, their will always be some level of interior motive.


Scott is a very experienced facilitator with thousands of hours under his belt and even more frameworks and models at his disposal. He comes in fully understanding the purpose of the meeting and gets everybody in the room to understand that and gets everybody involved. The best part, he in unbiased towards any one department / individual since his job is to move everyone in the direction that serves the greater good of that organization.


In addition to thousands of hours of facilitating, Scott has had extensive facilitation training around the country learning from some of the top, and well respected, organizations. This includes the Certified Working Genius Facilitator, which is part of Patrick Lencioni’s The Table Group corporation. He also received The Effective Facilitator certification through Leadership Strategies.

If you are looking for a passionate & highly skilled facilitator for any of the following, reach out to Scott today: 

  • Corporate Retreats

  • Board Meetings

  • Strategic Planning

What Clients Are Saying

 "I have always had lots of ideas of where I wanted to take BrandHoot, but wasn't able to clarify that vision until working with Scott.  He uses a simple approach to breaking down our business that has allowed us to define where we want to go with a plan to get there.  This has put us in a stronger position to get what we want from BrandHoot."


- Nate Nordstrom, CEO BrandHoot

Pinnacle Testimonial
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