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Why Aren't People Accountable?

Think back to the last time you asked someone at work to do something…..and it didn't get done. It could have been as small as scheduling a meeting or as critical as filing those TPS reports (hopefully this made you laugh, if not - read on). What was going through your head? Were you pointing fingers or were you asking what you could have done differently to help drive accountability? The reality is, it can be a combination of reasons why to-do's don’t get done. Let's look into the driving factors. Driving Factors The majority of the time to-do's aren't completed because of one of three reasons.

1. They Don't Get It

When it comes to having a grasp on the functions associated with the role, something is missing. They are not able to fully function in the seat they're sitting in, causing them to not have the know-how to successfully complete some of the roles they are supposed to be accountable for.

2. They Don't Want To Do It

There is no amount of clarity or transparency you can provide to make it happen. They simply don't have the drive. This can be a large barrier to overcome and if you're not able to find a spot for this person that they do want, their lack of accountability is going to be a major strain on your ability to grow your business.

3. They Don’t Have Capacity To Do It

They're missing the talent, skills, knowledge or time needed to succeed. This doesn't mean it cannot be done, it is just missing today. Would you expect someone who has never looked under the hood of a car to change their oil? The answer depends on what resources you provide them. Giving them enough time and support - the answer could be yes. Needing to have it done in 30 minutes, they simply wouldn't have the capacity to be held accountable. Soo…..Now What? If you're facing one of these frustrations at work and aren't able to drive accountability, you either have a people issue or process issue. The good news, processes can be improved and people can be coached. The first step is to identify which of the these reasons are causing the lack of accountability and then determine if you don't have the right person in the right seat or if part of your process is damaged and needs to be improved. If you're looking for help to drive accountability throughout your business but not sure where to start, contact me to learn some best practices and start getting more from your business. I'd be happy to help.

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