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3 Must Have's for Business Success

The CEO is the Visionary, big picture thinking with some squirrel chasing. The COO is the Driver, the one who puts everything together to make the CEO's vision a reality and removes squirrels from that picture. For this article, we will be referencing the COO as the Driver. While there are many roles that the Driver plays in the business, when he or she takes ownership over the following three areas, the entire company is elevated to a whole new level. Let’s take a closer look at these areas! Quarterly Goals A Driver isn’t only responsible for their own Quarterly Goal completion, but for the goals of the entire leadership team. They’re the one responsible for achieving 80% Quarterly Goal completion. As Quarterly Goals are being established, the Driver ensures that everyone on the leadership team is signing up for the Goals that fit in their realm and that they are truly priority. They are also responsible to make sure that the Quarterly Goals are on track during the Weekly Meetings and Quarterly Conversations with each direct report. Scorecard Numbers

It’s critical for your company’s Driver to be absolutely fanatical about the Scorecard. The Scorecard gives your team a pulse on how the business is performing on a weekly basis. The Driver must make sure the team has the correct handful of measurables and that they’re being executed on weekly. Weekly Commitments

Your goals cannot be completed without hitting your commitments. Your target should be completing 90% of your commitments from your team’s Weekly Meeting. The Driver is responsible for making sure that Commitments are being brought forward at the Weekly Meeting and that everyone is clear on what is expected and by what date. Great Drivers do not tolerate Commitments not getting done from one week to the next. If you don’t achieve your Quarterly Goals, your 1-Year Goals won’t happen either. Then, guess what?!?! Your One-Big-Goal won’t happen either. It’s all rooted to getting your weekly Commitments done! Does Your Company Have A Great Driver? Great Drivers make sure the team’s performance is high in the areas of Quarterly Goals, Scorecards, and Weekly Commitments. Teams that continue to miss their goal typically have someone in the Driver seat who got them to where they are today, but may not be the right person to get them to the next level.

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