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Testimonial 1

 "I have always had lots of ideas of where I wanted to take BrandHoot, but wasn't able to clarify that vision until working with Scott.  He uses a simple approach to breaking down our business that has allowed us to define where we want to go with a plan to get there.  This has put us in a stronger position to get what we want from BrandHoot." - Nate Nordstrom, CEO BrandHoot

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Testimonial 2

"I knew I wanted to grow my business but didn’t have the structure in place to make this happen on my own, and was tired of working 100 hour weeks.  Scott was able to rollout a framework that has completely changed the way I run my business and made it unrecognizable in only a few sessions.  I now have more control than ever, all while scaling from 60 properties to 500+ and growing from a team of 2 to 10+ in 2 short years." Alex Brainard, Owner Dwell Management Group

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